4x Tasty Mother's Day (Gift) Ideas

4x Tasty Mother's Day (Gift) Ideas

Team Sweet or Team Savory? Which team does your mother, step-mother, foster mother, mother-in-law or the mother of your children belong to? Whichever one it is, we have some great tips for you! Let yourself be inspired by the tasty Mother's Day ideas below. Perfect for a successful and relaxed Mother's Day full of gifts, delicious food and loving cuddles.

1. Mother's Day idea for: Team Sweet

Does your mom have a real sweet tooth? Surprise her with a yummy sweet breakfast board with a breakfast bowl, waffles, fruit and other guilty pleasures.

What do you need? Your mom's favorite yogurt, slices of fruit, grated coconut, chia seeds and other sweet treats like fresh fruit, waffles and pancakes.

How to prepare: Fill a Cheese Baker with the yogurt and garnish it with slices of fruit, grated coconut and chia seeds for a lovely rainbow effect. Place the Cheese Baker on a beautiful oak board and fill the board with other delicious sweet delights.

2. Mother's Day idea for: Team Savory

Does your mom love savory bites? Make her Mother's Day extra special with a snack board full of delectable cheeses and... edible flowers!

What do you need? Your mom's favorite cheeses. How about some Camembert with forest violets (soft cheese), Le Petit Doruvael (semi-soft cheese) and Tomme de Savoie (hard cheese)? A fun extra: edible flowers and yummy crackers and nuts.

How to prepare: Arrange the cheeses on a beautiful oak serving board. Fill a Cheese Baker with crackers and nuts and place edible flowers around the board as a finishing detail.

3. Chilling with a snack board... in the bath!

Busy, busy, busy. Moms are master multitaskers and are often busy all year long caring for others. So how wonderful when you surprise your mom with a moment of relaxation just for her! And not just with any old thing, but with a delicious snack board in bath. Load up a rectangular board with cheese, chocolate and yummy cheese curls. Perfect for both Team Sweet and Team Savory! Add a little relaxing music, a nice libation and send mom off to enjoy.

4. A handy Food Tool for true foodies

Want to gift your mom something different from the standard bottle of wine, bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates? Then give her a lovely Food Tool. Perfect for the true foodie, amateur chef or gourmet. To make things super easy, we've come up with some great gift ideas for you. Or check out the top 10 Mother's Day gifts and give your mom a Mother's Day she'll never forget!