Cheese replicas: almost real!

Cheese replicas: almost real!

Seeing cheese encourages people to buy cheese!

Boska has a wide range of cheese dummies/replicas in different sizes and colors. One added benefit of our extensive inventory is that we offer our clients the chance to label them with the utmost precision. They're almost good enough to eat: that's how real our cheese dummies are. Our realistic look-alikes enable you to create an impressive, professional store presentation in no time at all. Read more about the advantages and possibilities that our cheese dummies have to offer.

Advantages of using our cheese replicas

Advantage 1: Seeing cheese encourages people to buy cheese

A beautifully-arranged back wall full of cheese dummies says it all: we love cheese! Customers immediately see that you sell cheese and are more likely to come into your store. By displaying lots of cheese replicas, even if your stock is limited, you inspire your customers to come inside and buy a delicious piece of cheese.

Advantage 2: Easy to choose = easy to buy

Armed with our color concept, you can make it very easy for your customers to distinguish between different types of cheese. In blue, white and red, Cambozola cheese dummies are the perfect backdrop to display your blue-veined cheese, white rind cheese and washed rind cheese. Your counter always looks full and the various types of cheese are divided into clear and colorful sections.

Advantage 3: Custom advertising material

Use cheese dummies to promote your brand. We add your label to the replicas so you can use the cheese dummies to promote yourself in stores, on display stands and at events, for example. No refrigeration required!

Here are a few more advantages:

  • One-off purchase costs
  • Lightweight and colorfast
  • Unbreakable (long life)
  • Waterproof and airtight
  • You can add any label or decorative banding you want

There are three ways to get a cheese replica with your logo on it:

  1. Send us your cheese label.
  2. We can help you obtain your label of choice from the producer or the brand of cheese in question.
  3. We can help you produce your own private cheese label.