A chocolate bath & other exciting Valentine's Day ideas

A chocolate bath & other exciting Valentine's Day ideas

Romantic dinner for two at a restaurant? Wonderful, but not exactly original. Curious how you can make Valentine's Day truly unforgettable this year? We've put together a few ideas to help get you started. Are you curious to know why chocolate stimulates your love life? Or to know the recipe for – no, your eyes are not deceiving you – a true chocolate bath? Then please read on.

Why do chocolate and love pair so well together?

People associated chocolate with love as far back as during Aztec times. And, in fact, this is logical since the main ingredient of chocolate is cacao. Cacao happens to be a substance that causes your brain to produce the "happy hormone" endorphin. The higher the cacao content in chocolate, the higher the endorphin level. So if you want to give the butterflies in your beloved's stomach an extra boost, get out the dark chocolate!

Let’s make it hot hot hot

Life is too short to take it seriously. Did you know that in addition to being a delicious treat, chocolate is also perfect for entirely different activities? So put on some old clothes and challenge each other to a chocolate fight. Or put on very few clothes, get a set of paint brushes and use each other as a living canvass for a chocolate painting. Your chocolate will stay warm for hours in our Choco Fondue Marie, without burning. Perfect if you get distracted for a while 😉

I want one of those Chocolate Fondues!

A chocolate bath: the perfect bucket list idea

Bathing in melted chocolate had been on my bucket list for years. BOSKA turned this dream into reality! It's true, I'm one of the girls pictured on the chocolate bath photo. We understand that you don't exactly want to fill your entire tub at home with 150 liters (40 gallons) of chocolate. Scroll down for a simple recipe, so that you and your beloved can enjoy a wonderful chocolate bath on Valentine's Day.

"The way to someone's heart is through the stomach"

You don't need expensive jewelry or gifts to conquer your beloved's heart. It's the little things that count. For example, you can use our Choco Flaker to surprise your beloved on Valentine's Day. How about coffee with whipped cream and fresh chocolate flakes? Or a delicious Tony’s Chocolonely fondue. You can find the recipes here.

Give me the tastiest chocolate recipes

Surprise your beloved with a chocolate flower bouquet

Use our Choco Curlers to make delicious chocolate curls. Combine them with an edible bouquet and surprise your beloved. That's certainly something different from the standard bouquet of roses or box of chocolate candies. With the Choco Disc DIY Mold you can make chocolate destined for the curler entirely to your specifications. Does your valentine have a favorite type of chocolate? Then use this silicone mold to transform it into the perfect foundation for your chocolate bouquet.

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The ultimate recipe for a romantic chocolate bath

Ingredients for one bath:

  • 500 ml (16 fl oz) chocolate milk (preferably dark)
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp mild, liquid soap


  1. Mix all the ingredients together. Add the mixture to warm water while running a bath.
  2. Meanwhile, light some tea lights and place them around the bathtub.
  3. Entice your beloved to join you in the bath and enjoy.