5 tips for creating the perfect (corona-proof) pizza party @ home

5 tips for creating the perfect (corona-proof) pizza party @ home

Now that we need to stay at home as much as possible, we might as well make the best out of it. Let’s be honest, what’s more fun than creating a pizza party @ home? Unfortunately, we cannot invite all of our friends, but why not have some “me-time” or some “family-time” instead? We are here to help you set up the perfect pizza party @ home.

1. Party on the table

In order to create a corona-proof party, we prefer to put all the ingredients out on the table. This way, everyone can make their own favorite pizza. We love the “Sharing is Caring” motto, but unfortunately it is not very corona-proof. By putting everything out on the table, everyone can create their desired pizza while catching up on each other’s latest news.

2. Started from the bottom…

In order to get the perfect crunchy pizza, you need the right pizza base and sauce. We love making our own pizza dough, it is so satisfying! If you choose to do this, make sure to make the dough a couple of hours before the pizza party so it has enough time to rise. Don’t know where to start? Check out our recipe for the perfect pizza dough here. If you don’t have enough time, you can always buy pizza bases at the store. Some great options are vegetable bases, like cauliflower or zucchini, or just regular pizza bases will do just as well. Afterwards, you can fill the Party Serving Tray with delicious pizza sauces, like a spicy tomato or a pesto sauce. Our favorite combination? A cauliflower base with a spicy tomato sauce!

BOSKA Basic Pizza Dough Recipe BOSKA Serving Board Friends XL - Coronaproof Pizza Party at Home

3. Over the top

Fill the table with different toppings to put on your pizza (even pineapple is allowed, we don’t judge 😉). You can serve the toppings on the Party Tower, or the Serving Board Friends XL to stay corona-proof. This way, everyone can create the pizza that they desire. The toppings can be whatever you like, such as different types of cheese (mozzarella, goat cheese, blue cheese, …), cherry tomatoes, ham, olives, basil, bell peppers, mushrooms, … You can also give the pizza party a fall theme and create pizza’s with pumpkin and goat cheese.

4. Oven-time

Now you just need to put the pizza’s in the oven and they are ready! A golden tip, use one of our Pizza Stones when you put the pizza’s in the oven to create a real pizza oven effect and keep the crust nice and crunchy. The stones soak up the moisture of the pizza and therefore create the perfect crunch and stone-oven quality. You can also use the stones on the BBQ, if you prefer this over the oven.

BOSKA Pizza Stone Deluxe - voor steenovenkwaliteit pizza's thuis BOSKA Pizza Party Hot Stone - houdt je pizza lang warm

5. In pizza we crust

Once the pizza’s are nice and crunchy, you can easily take them out of the oven with the Pizza Shovel so you don’t burn your hands. Another great advantage: it makes it look like you are in a real pizzeria! Afterwards, place the pizza on the Pizza Party Hot Stone to keep the pizza warm and avoid it from getting soggy.

Enjoy! If you want more inspiration, you can find all our pizza recipes here.