How do you clean a leather Mr. Smith apron? 5 tips!

How do you clean a leather Mr. Smith apron? 5 tips!

It's true: A leather apron takes on character through use. The more the apron is worn, the more "rugged" and sturdy it will look. So don't be afraid of a few wrinkles, smudges or spatters on your Mr. Smith apron. That's totally normal! But to make sure the apron will last an extra long time, just follow the few simple tips below.

Our Mr. Smith aprons are made in the Netherlands from one piece of European leather. The high quality of this leather ensures you will be able to enjoy the apron for years to come. However, proper cleaning of the apron is recommended with regular use. So if you're a true BBQ aficionado or avid home cook, follow the few simple tips below to make sure the apron will last an extra long time.

Tip 1: A damp cloth does wonders

Did your Mr. Smith apron get dirty when cooking or barbecuing? No problem! Don't allow the stains and grease deposits to sit for too long but wipe them away with a damp cloth. Make sure the cloth isn't too wet, as this can cause ugly stains on the leather.

Tip 2: Use leather cleaner for stubborn stains

Having trouble getting rid of a stain? Simply spray that spot on the leather apron with leather cleaner and use a clean cloth to wipe the dirt away. Is there a stain on the untreated back of the apron? Then gently rub the leather cleaner into the stain in a circular motion using a soft brush. Wipe with a clean cloth to finish.

Tip 3: Coat the apron with leather grease from time to time

The tips above will go a long way to keeping your apron looking beautiful. Want your leather apron to stay shiny and dirt-resistant for longer? Then apply a generous coat of leather grease or white shoe polish to the front of your apron using a cloth once in a while. Allow the product to become absorbed for 15 minutes. Then wipe away any excess grease with a clean cloth.

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Tip 4: Allow wet leather to air-dry thoroughly

Did you fervently keep barbecuing through a rain storm? Then let the apron dry thoroughly to prevent mold formation. Do keep the leather apron away from heat sources such as heaters, hair dryers and direct sunlight. If the leather dries too fast, this may cause little tears in the material, which would be a shame!

Tip 5: Properly hang up your Mr. Smith apron to store it

Is your leather apron nice and clean again? Then don't store it in a sealed plastic bag. Leather is a natural product and needs oxygen. Storing it in a closet is fine as long as it's not airtight.

Extra tips for caring for your leather Mr. Smith apron

  • Leather becomes supple with use, so the more often you use your apron the softer it will become and the more comfortable it will wear.
  • Do not fold a leather apron. This will cause deep, permanent creases.
  • Never use strong or unsuitable cleaning products but special products intended for leather.
  • Leather stretches, which is very handy. But if you stretch out a loop or section of the apron by placing an excessively large object into it, then the leather won't contract back to its original state.
  • You can knead the leather back to its supple state after it has dried.