Let's enjoy spring (cheeses)!

Let's enjoy spring (cheeses)!

It's spring! Time to wake up from our hibernation and enjoy the first rays of sunshine. And how wonderful they are! Did you know that spring is the perfect season to enjoy cheeses? Let us tell you why.

The green meadows and colorful flowers encourage everyone to go outside again. And that includes cows, goats and sheep. After a winter full of coarse feed, it's time to go grazing again. Grazing on the fresh grass, but also on those beautiful flowers. Because of this, milk tastes more aromatic and richer than during the rest of the year. The milk that is produced that contains lots of caseins, proteins and carotene.

Fresh and mild cheeses

In the spring we can really enjoy fresh and mild cheeses. These are best from April to July, because you can really taste all of the herbs. Fresh cheeses are best consumed within a few weeks after production, so you can truly savor that exceptional taste. Serve them on one of our serving boards and take the board with you for the picnic table.

But what exactly do we mean by these fresh and mild cheeses?

The most well-known is our very own Dutch grass cheese (graskaas). But delicious spring gems can also be found in other cheese families. And, naturally, we've given this some thought:

  • White mold cheese – like a creamy goat Brie
  • Goat cheese – like the Macendré (yes, we're particularly fond of goat cheese this season)
  • Red rind cheese – like the Herve Vieux Moulin
  • Blue veined cheese – like the Mamé Vî Bleu

    BOSKA Spring Cheese Board

    In the spring, the cheese board often contains lighter and fresher cheeses due to the warmer weather. Although this is not set in stone, of course. The most important thing with the board is to always start with the milder cheeses and build up to the stronger flavors. That's because the Camembert, Brie de Meaux and Munster taste the best during this time of year as well!

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    Which cheese knives should you use with a cheese board?

    A nice cheese board isn't truly complete until you serve it with the correct cheese knives. We're not talking about simple kitchen knives here, but about our cheese knives and cheese knife sets. The right cheese knife not only enhances the cheese tasting experience, it also increases cutting ease. The structure of the cheese determines what type of knife is suitable for the cheese. So the better the knife matches the structure of the cheese, the easier it will be to cut it. It can also influence the cheese's taste, since the taste really comes to the fore when you use the right knife.

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    Did you know that fresh cheeses contain less fat? This is due to the high moisture content, and there's no fat in moisture.