What Friday the 13th and knives have in common

What Friday the 13th and knives have in common

Whether or not you're superstitious, Friday the 13th is known as a day of bad luck. On this day, black cats, ladders and mirrors should all be avoided. But did you know that knives are also said to bring bad luck? Read why below.

Legend has it: a gift of knives brings bad luck
Those familiar with the traditions involving knives know that there are rules to giving a knife as a gift. Otherwise, it can bring bad luck. The first reason is that giving a knife is synonymous with giving away "power" or "prestige". Second, the sharp blade is said to sever the friendship between the giver and recipient. These are only superstitions, of course, but the tradition also offers a solution!

This way, you can prevent bad luck and still give a knife as a gift.
Want to surprise a food lover or kitchen warrior with a BOSKA knife or knife set? No problem! Simply give the recipient a coin of any value first. If the person then returns the coin to you, the knife has been symbolically "purchased" and not given away for free. This lets you by-pass any bad luck, yet still give the perfect gift.

The right knife for every type of food
In 2023, Friday the 13th falls in January and October. So, once the day comes around, you'll have a fun story to share. Don't let the legend scare you away from giving a knife or set of knives as a gift. At BOSKA, you'll find the right knife for every type of food. Check out our wide range of cheese knives, cheese knife sets, pizza knives & pizza wheels, kitchen knives and steak knives.

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