Dining Board Friends S - 23 cm

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  • 10 year 

  • Not dishwasher 


Do you enjoy good food? Then the Dining Board Friends S is something for you. This square serving board made from European oak wood will make your breakfast, lunch or dinner look even more delicious. Features a handy juice and drip groove and is 23 cm long and wide. Also suitable as a serving tray for cheese or tapas.

Square oak serving board
This wooden board is a must-have for true foodies. Thanks to the European oak wood design, the serving board has a unique appearance. Perfect for when you want to serve a delicious meal.

Handy juice and drip groove
Another advantage compared to a standard plate: This oak serving board will prevent your table from becoming dirty, because the handy groove in the wood catches any crumbs and juices. This way you can enjoy a cauliflower steak, yummy veggie burger or succulent asparagus with no worries.

Easy to hold
There are two useful indentations on the underside of this wooden board, giving your fingers some additional room to easily lift and move the board. This makes the serving board super very user-friendly and great for use both at home and in hospitality establishments.

Suitable for every meal
The serving board is multi-functional and can be used for truly every meal of the day, including snack times! How about a delicious cheese plate or a beautifully made dessert?

How to clean the wooden board
This wooden serving board will last you for years. After use, wash the board by hand and never place it in the dishwasher. A bit of warm water and some dish soap is enough. Dry the wood thoroughly, then place the board upright to finish drying. Regularly spray the serving board with BOSKA Board Oil to protect it from splitting, staining and absorbing odors.

Receive a FREE board holder!
You will receive a free board holder with the purchase of three or more serving boards. Perfect for displaying your boards, such as on the kitchen counter or in the living room. Check out which serving boards are part of this promotion here, and how to make use of the promotion.

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Article number
Type of wood
European Oak
10 years
Product weight
730 gram/ 1.65 lb
Product dimension in packaging
230 × 230 × 22mm/ 9.05" × 9.05" × 0.86"
Product weight in packaging
750 gram/ 1.60 lb
Product dimensions
230 × 230 × 22mm/ 9.05" × 9.05" × 0.86"
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