Cheese & Fun: the name says it all. These items are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They include a cheese-themed money box, key ring and beer-bottle opener. All these Cheesewares come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. They make great gifts for family and friends. You'll find a number of extra must-haves in our range too, including leather Mr. Smith culinary aprons, ToastaBags and cheese-making sets. Have you ever made your own cheese before? 

The Cheese & Fun range
You’ll find our most humorous products in our Cheese & Fun range. It includes fun money boxes, in the shape of a cow or mouse, and cocktail sticks with a Delft Blue design. You can even buy a beer-bottle opener in the shape of a cheese slicer! Who could do without one?

Cheese-making sets
Anyone who has ever wanted to make delicious mozzarella, herb butter or fresh cheese from the comfort of their own homes will love our Home Cheese Maker sets; they make this so easy to do! It's fun and you can share the finished product with guests at a birthday party or any other type of informal party. Every set comes complete with recipes, preparation instructions and all of the ingredients you will need. The only thing you'll need to add: fresh dairy products. With cooking and crafts trending, there's no reason not to have a go.

Mr. Smith culinary aprons
Our professional Mr. Smith culinary aprons are made in the Netherlands. They’re ideal in the kitchen and for barbecues too. Your clothes will stay clean and you’ll have all of the tools you need within hand's reach. The aprons are made from split leather and different types are available. Once you've finished with your apron, simply wipe it over with a damp cloth and it will be ready for you to use again.

DIY money boxes
These unique money boxes, in the shape of a cow or mouse, will make a real statement in any room. Every money box comes with six different colors of paint and a brush. Will you paint something fun on it with big letters? Will you write the name of the cow on it, paint on nice spots, or do something completely different? The possibilities are endless!

Cocktail sticks
Boska produces a number of different cocktail sticks, which feature cheerful designs like cows, cheese and Delft Blue clogs. These typical Dutch touches make these cocktail sticks a fun gift to give friends and family abroad. Present your favorite cheese, meat or snacks at a drinks or birthday party. Putting these cocktail sticks out allows everyone to take what they want without touching food with their hands. These cocktail sticks look great and they keep things hygienic too!

Key rings
Looking for something fun to add to your key chain? If so, you might like our humorous key rings, each of which features a cheerful theme. These include a mouse holding some cheese in its paws and a micro cheese slicer. Alternatively, why not opt for a key ring in the shape of a cheese slicer. Your friends will definitely appreciate you if you’re able to pop the lid on a delicious bottle of beer wherever you are!

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