Dutch Cheese Knife Professional Wooden Handle L 380 mm

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You can cut through both soft and hard cheeses with ease with the Dutch Cheese Knife Professional Wooden Handle L. However, you can also use it to take on other large food products. You'll be cutting safely, easily, and efficiently thanks to its unique shape and the sturdy wooden handles on both sides.

Rocking motion
Are you a food service entrepreneur or a cheese professional? This cheese knife guarantees minimal cutting waste. You'll be cutting cheeses down to size with a simple rocking motion thanks to the curved blade and the sturdy wooden handles. The rocking motion means you need minimal force to cut through the cheese!

Versatile cutting
With the Dutch Cheese Knife Professional Wooden Handle L, you're getting a knife that can cut through products of all shapes and sizes with ease. Due to the size of the cheese knife and the curved blade, you can even take on larger cheeses.

10 year quality guarantee
The cheese knife is made of one piece of durable stainless steel. We'd advise you to wash this knife by hand. That way, you'll preserve its quality for as long as possible.

The cheese knife is available in several versions: M (300 mm), L (380 mm), and XL (430 mm).

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Article number
Type of cheese
Semi-hard to hard cheese
Product weight
520 gram
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