Fondue Set Pro S - 700 ml

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  • 10 year 

  • Induction stovetop-safe

  • Gas stovetop-safe

  • Electric stovetop-safe

  • Ceramic stovetop-safe


It is easy to make the most delicious cheese fondue on any type of stove with the Fondue Set Pro S. The cast iron pan has a capacity of 700 ml and a handle made of European oak. With this complete set - including tea-warmers, base, 4 fondue forks and recipe - you can spend a whole, carefree evening enjoying the most delicious melted cheese. 

Suitable for any stove
Gas, induction, ceramic or electric – it makes no difference what kind of stove you have. Due to its material and design, the robust, cast iron pan is suitable for use on any stove top.

For two to four persons
In the 700 ml fondue pan you can heat 350 grams of tasty cheese fondue. This is enough for a dinner for two or snack for four. Everyone has their own stylish fondue fork, so enjoy!

Complete fondue set
With this set you have everything you need to make the most of your cheese fondue. Place the fondue pan with warm cheese on the base of cast iron and European oak. The tea-warmers keep the cheese warm for you.

The fondue pot can only be used on an induction, gas, electric or ceramic stove. If you only have a different heat source – such as a microwave or oven – we recommend you use a different pot to heat the fondue.

Easy to clean
After use, wash the fondue pan and forks by hand in warm water and detergent. The base will be clean in no time if you wipe it with a damp cloth. This way you'll enjoy this fondue set for years to come.

An original gift
Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Or a gift for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, a wedding or a 50th wedding birthday? Good news: You've found it! The Fondue Set Pro S is the perfect gift for any festive occasion. Especially when combined with a delicious fondue cheese. Then you'll surprise him or her with something much nicer than a standard gift card, don't you think?

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Article number
Cast iron / Wood / Stainless steel
Type of wood
European oak
Type of cheese
Fondue cheese
Number of forks
Liters (up to the edge)
700 ml / 23.7 oz
Liters (cheese fondue)
400 ml / 13.5 oz
Grams (cheese fondue)
350 gram / 0.77 lb
10 years
Product diameter
145 mm / 5.71"
Product dimensions
145x225x130 mm / 5.71"×8.86"×5.12"
Product weight
1.90 kg / 4.14lb
Product dimension in packaging
230x175x130mm / 9.06"×6.89"×5.12"
Product weight in packaging
2 kg / 4.54 lb
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