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With the Cheese Knife Set Oslo+ you have all the knives you need for serving delicious cheese plates. From creamy Brie to aged Parmesan cheese, with these cheese knives you'll be able to tackle any type of cheese. The oak handle gives the knife a unique appearance, making any cheese plate you serve a party on the table.

For any type of cheese
The set consists of three different cheese knives, each with properties to make cutting as easy as possible. The narrow blade of Soft Cheese Knife Oslo+ No.1 ensures that the structure of the cheese will remain intact. And thanks to the handy hole structure, soft and semi-hard cheeses won't stick to Semi Soft Cheese Knife No.2. The Hard Cheese Knife Oslo+ No.5 is super sharp and won't bend when applying force, allowing you to effortlessly cut through hard and very hard cheeses.

Authentic design
Each cheese knife is made from stainless steel and has an authentic oak handle. These knives are firmly fastened to the wood handle. This makes it extra sturdy and stable during use and ensures a perfect fit in your hand. Wood is not dishwasher-safe. You should therefore wash the knives by hand after each use. Some soapy hot water is all you need. Spray the wood handles regularly with BOSKA Board Oil. This will protect the wood from splitting and damage, ensuring the cheese knives will remain in top condition and last an entire lifetime.

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Article number
Brown / Silver
Wood / Stainless steel
Type of wood
European Oak
Type of cheese
For all types of cheese
Product dimensions
250 x 30 x 15 mm / 2,84" × 1,18" × 0,59"
Product weight
280 gram / 0.62
Product dimension in packaging
280 × 185 x 25 mm / 11,02" × 7,28" × 0,98"
Product weight in packaging
440 gram / 0.97
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