Cheese Grater Pro


Due to its large opening, the Cheese Grater Pro is perfect for grating larger pieces of cheese. It's the ideal tool for heavy users. You can also cut hard vegetables with the grater. The grater comes with a 3mm grating disc. This device works at a capacity of 150 kg/hour. That's we call a 'pro'.

User-friendly and time saving
The cast iron Cheese Grater Pro is extremely user-friendly and has a capacity of no less than 150 kg per hour. This means that you can grate large quantities of cheese in a short period of time. That saves you a lot of valuable time. The grater can also be used to crush ice or cut vegetables. This makes it an invaluable tool not only for cheese specialists, but also for professional kitchens and food service companies.

Multiple grating discs are available
The grater comes with a 3mm grating disc. Do you want to grate more coarsely? Then use the 4mm grating disc (806014), which you can order separately.

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