Brie Divider for 12 Wedges

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The Brie Divider for 12 Wedges is an absolute superstar in our assortment of wire cutters. The divider was designed to cut large quantities of Brie wheels into wedges quickly and efficiently. You can use it to cut Roche Baron, Camembert, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Port Salut, and Stilton into nice, even pieces with no cutting waste. Want to work even more quickly? Stack three wheels of Brie on top of each other, and with one movement you can take on all of them at the same time. You can also use it to cut up cakes and pies - no problem.

A huge time-saver
Using this Brie Divider is a major time-saver. Stack three wheels of Brie on top of each other, with a maximum height of 13 cm, and you'll still be gliding through the cheese ever so smoothly. The wires are already installed, so you don't have to guess at how large the wedges should be. When you cut with a knife, you do have to guess every time. On top of that, this wire cutter is really simple to clean.

Diagonal cutting wires

The diagonally placed cutting wires allow the Brie Divider to cut through the cheese smoothly and gradually. The structure of the cheese will remain perfectly intact. The wires can be replaced individually. Another advantage is that the wire cutter basically needs no maintenance.

Cutting wires
On top of the Brie Divider, order our super strong cutting wires 6mm (510050) or the cutting wires 8mm (510047). These cutting wires were specially designed for the Brie Divider and come in sets of 10!
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Soft and semi-hard cheese
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