Cheese Cutting Board HACCP Green (450x330x20 mm)

  • Dishwasher 

  • Refrigerator 


This Cheese Cutting Board HACCP Green is part of a series of colored cutting boards. Thanks to the well thought-out color concept, you can easily tell the difference between red bacterium, white mould, blue veined and organic cheese. This prevents cross-contamination and ensures hygienic working conditions. This green color is used for organic cheese.

Wear-resistant material 
The cutting board complies with the HACCP standards. The material is extra wear-resistant. Even with intensive use, your knife is less likely to become blunt. The cutting board is food safe. 

Tasteless and odorless
The cutting board does not absorb moisture and is dirt repellent. The material is tasteless and odorless. Would you like more grip when carving hard substances? If so, order our anti-slip mat. Now don't forget to order the red, blue and white varieties for your other cheeses.
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