Edwin Klaasen

Edwin Klaasen

Edwin Klaasen - Master Baker & Bread Purist

Where the real bread is, you’ll find Edwin. As a master baker and #bakkertjezelf, ultra-pure is his thing. And this isn’t going unnoticed in culinary circles.

"All you knead is love"
My philosophy in a few words? Simple: I-respect-bread. Who believes in bread that stays "fresh" for days without any additives? Pre-sliced baguette in a barbecue package? Yuck! I call that the water-injected chicken of bread. We spread and fill our sandwiches till they weigh a ton and then blame the bread for the fattening carbohydrates. I don't think so! Give me artisan sourdough bread any day—delicious. It’s made with pure main ingredients, such as meal, flour, yeast or leaven, water, and sea salt. Visit a mill and bake your own rustic "Woeste Knoest." You won't know what hit you. Bread that found its way straight to all the top chefs. I don't have any big secrets—sharing knowledge makes me really happy. All the baking processes are detailed in my book, "I Bake Brilliantly, and So Do You." Its success is proven by the #broodcursus master classes and the #Bakkertjezelf clips that are very popular on FoodTube!

"I learned the tricks of the trade as a teenager"
I started baking at a young age. As a 14-year-old kid when I did my paper route, I always strolled by the local baker's shop window. Coincidence? No, I was just giving fate a helpful nudge. Or maybe I just liked being there. The sooner I had finished my own chores, the longer I got to help out at the bakery, learning the tricks of the trade. And so my love for bread was born. Now our baking teams operate in Rotterdam, Noordwijkerhout, and Noordwijk. I'm really proud that I am able to spread my message with Desemenzo. I review, write, and present. It touches me that I am able to work with so many beautiful and enthusiastic people. That teamwork is what I admire so much about BOSKA. If you work in the food industry, you'll run into them sooner or later. One day I hope to have my own line of knives, breadboards, and baking accessories. Maybe we'll do it together. Bread and cheese are friends for life, in any case. It's endlessly surprising as a baking ingredient, but a delicious slice on a beautiful, rustic piece of bread? There’s no better combination!    

Edwin Klaasen, #bakkertjezelf | www.desemenzo.nl

In the mood for a midday snack? Ready in a flash!

Cut a Turkish bread, ciabatta or baguette in half, or use two pieces of sandwich bread. Spread on some tapenade, and fill the bread with some cold cuts or fish, such as sardines or anchovies, an olive and some (sun-dried) tomatoes. Make a Hawaiian version with pineapple and ham, or use some jalapeños and a Mexican corn-bean filling! Make it just the way you like it. To top it off, cover the filling with some blue cheese or grated cheese, place the sandwich under the grill for a few minutes and dig in!

As a slice on a sandwich, scattered over pizza, melted under the grill or skewered on your fondue fork—bread and cheese are a match made in heaven. Always delicious and ready in a flash!