Erwin Walthaus

Erwin Walthuis

Erwin Walthaus - Director and sommelier

Erwin is Owner of restaurant Le Garage.

"Can I please have table 7?"
Hours and hours "d'amour" have been put into Le Garage since its opening in 1990. Fish soup, snails, or steak tartare—we know our classics. Of course, French cuisine offers unparalleled richness. I believe our honest craftsmanship and hospitality are why we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. Unbridled passion to the core. Many Dutch celebrities know to find their way to our establishment, and they all want table 7.

From there, you have a view of the whole restaurant. Mais oui, seeing and being seen. Incidentally, this doesn't apply to the "gentlemen." They prefer their own "table" at the front next to the bar.

"Organic wine and cheese are trending topics"
As a trainee, I worked behind the bar here. Wine fascinated me immensely. A few certificates followed and, ultimately, I was trained in oenology. Last year, I was voted "Sommelier of the Year"—a real honor. Organic (dynamic) wines are "hot." A current trend is that dessert is being replaced by a cheese board. Lingering at the table with a Roquefort and a Sauternes or a Crottin de Chavignol with a Sancerre. I can still see Martijn (Bos, BOSKA's Cheese Executive Officer) here with a big smile on his face. "Then you know what I supply," he said when he saw the cheese knives. The next time he brought all kinds of things with him.

We now present the rillettes on them and even slice the chocolate on rectangular boards with Dutch cheese knives—right at the table. It’s quite an experience! It was inevitable that Joop (Braakhekke) wanted to get out of the limelight bit by bit. We won't be storming the Bastille, but there is definitely evolution taking place. I see plenty of possibilities, for the next 25 years at least

Erwin Walthaus, director and sommelier |