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Monique van Loon

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Monique is a culinary blogger for the website

"You have to try everything"
I learned to love food while balanced on my mother's knee. My parents would put all kinds of things in front of me. I didn't have to finish it, but I did have to try it. At school, I would proudly tell the kids I’d had frog's legs or snails. My parents weren't into children's menus. When we went to eat at a "Ferme Auberge," we would join farmers for meals and – with respect for that day's harvest – eat whatever was served. Once I started working, I set up a large online community for girls. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest didn't exist yet back then.

As I started blogging about food more and more – for Jan Magazine, Viva, and the Bijenkorf – larger organizations started approaching me to help them with their online marketing. I thought, "Why don't I start doing this myself?" That was the beginning of

"See me as an entrepreneur and a creative signboard"
We're doing something unique for food on We're presenting everything that is fun and delicious in terms of food on one platform: news, hotspots, recipes, gadgets, inspiration, and videos. In short: the total food experience. We put starred dishes or twisted fries next to a story about that one hip little restaurant or a video about the BOSKA Home Fresh Cheese Maker. Since this spring, we also have the Culy Food Festival at the location of the former sugar factory in Halfweg.

We have cider, chocolate, Asian tea tasting sessions, a line-up of great brands, a pop-up butcher, workshops, and music. Cheese and Cheesewares® will also be getting their own spot there. I prefer fresh cream cheese, mozzarella, or goat cheese. I also love parmesan as an ingredient over pasta or cheese as a flavoring in sauces. But I'll let you in on one secret: I don't care for a plain slice of cheese on a roll. And yes, I've tried it!

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