Ricardo van Ede

Ricardo van Ede

Ricardo van Ede - Chef-kok & primal cook

At the age of 21, Ricardo was the youngest chef with a Michelin star.

"I'm not that easily impressed"
At 21, I was the youngest chef with a Michelin star, but that's just a front. Being at the stove is a way of life. Most people know me from Ricardo's in Odeon and Neva in Museum Hermitage, but in my new restaurant Nevel – beautifully situated on the IJ in Amsterdam – everything comes together.I like food that holds you in a loving embrace—candied peels, chutneys, preserving or brining, handmade piccalilli. Here, we call that grandma food. It’s a kind of primal feeling: a feeling of coming home that plays on all your senses. Don't expect fish from the Pacific, kangaroo, or ostrich on a "bed of…" from me. Come on, all those miles? What's sustainable about that?

"The British have a wonderful cheese culture"
We should stand up for our own product more and protect it. Let’s go back to our region. If we continue like this, pretty soon Edammer will no longer exist. For me, cheese should be as pure as possible. I was fortunate enough to be able to cook in England for twelve years, and, boy, do they have an amazing cheese culture! It's like Pavlov—it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I tried at least 400 kinds of cheese there. Stiltons, Cheddars from the Isle of Mull, Welsh Caerphilly, or Childwickbury Goats Cheese from Hertfordshire. Really, it’s a gift from the gods! Beautiful, tasty, and close to nature. The cheese plate is really becoming a thing there too. How do I tackle cheese? With the right tools, of course. But the most beautiful knives are at home. You know how it goes here: ruggedly chic, but from a heart of gold.

Ricardo van Ede, Chef-kok & primal cook | www.hangar.amsterdam/info

What does my favorite cheese board look like?

At the very least, it includes the following cheeses: Achelse Blauwe, Boeren Goudse Oplegkaas, Gorwydd Caerphilly and Saint Marcellin.

The secret of Saint Marcellin is in the drying lofts, where the cheese ages and gets its flavor. The heart of the ripe cheese is very creamy. It has a nutty smell and a delicate, sour, yeasty and fruity flavor;

The Boeren Goudse Oplegkaas is a unique cheese because this cheese—weighing over twenty kilos—can age up to four years. This gives it a rich, complex flavor;

|The Gorwydd Caerphilly is an artisanal, raw-milk cheese that is made in a traditional process. Because the cheese ages for at least two months, it has a fantastically rich flavor while still being fresh, and it has slight notes of citrus. This gives it a surprisingly creamy and somewhat moist texture.

Achelse Blauwe is soft, creamy, and has a classic flavor. The cheese is made entirely by hand, and that love makes all the difference!

Serving suggestion: make sure the different kinds of cheese are presented and tasted from mild to sharp.

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