Boska Film Packer


This handy Film Packer comes with a heated wire. By heating up the wire, it's super easy to cut off the cling film. You can wrap up pieces of cheese extremely quickly and tightly thanks to our Film Packer with its heated wire and heated plateau. This way, you won't be bothered by having too much or some loose cling film. This takes prepackaging cheese to another level! The cheese will stay fresh longer and will be ready to sell! 

Set the temperature

You can easily set the temperature of the wire and the plateau with the rotating knob on the front of the device. If the environment is a bit colder, set the temperature a bit higher. This way, you can always set the perfect temperature to cut through the cling film with ease. You'll work quickly and effectively with the Film Packer. The device is easy to clean, and the heated wire is easy to replace.

Order cling film

The Film Packer comes without cling film. Order our transparent cling film in one of two sizes: 300 x 300 mm (431000) or 450 x 300 mm (431001).  The cling film is perfect for packaging your fresh cheeses. The cheese won't dry out. You can also use the cling film to cover bowls and trays.

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