Butter Making Kit Explore


This one simple box contains the tools you need to help you make your own (herb) butter. All you need is this Butter Making Kit Explore, some milk, whipping cream, buttermilk, a dash of love, and an hour on the clock. You’ll be dancing through the kitchen like a true artist. With a graceful twirl, you’ll be creating the most delicious butter ever. Surprise yourself and your guests. We want more!

Responsible butter
No need to adhere to a ‘less is more’ philosophy when you’ve got these herb butters – completely without additives. In just one hour, you’ll have the most responsibly made butters ready to serve. Did it work? Do let the butter rest for two hours so that the flavors intensify. You can repeat the trick seven more times with this Butter Making Kit Explore. Go wild and try using exciting, unusual herbs, then taste them all to see which combination is the most delicious!

Fresh butter without preservatives
You can make three different types of butter with the ingredients in this box. The Butter Making Kit comes in a simple gift box. In other words, it’s a perfect gift idea!

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