Camembert cheese dummy


Is it real or a replica? This is a question that you're bound to ask yourself when you see our cheese dummies. For example, this replica of a cheese that everyone is familiar with: Camembert, a delicious French, white cheese made from cow's milk. This cheese dummy is guaranteed to help you achieve a stylish store interior.

Show customers exactly what you've got to offer
It goes without saying that no attractive and professional counter would be complete without a Camembert replica. This well-known white-vein cheese is a big favorite of many cheese lovers. It's creamy and full of flavor. Make sure your customers know that you sell this cheese too!

Say cheese
Cheese dummies are a perfect way of promoting various cheese brands. They'll ensure that you sell far more cheese. Inspire your visitors with your attractive display of Camembert cheese dummies. Say cheese to this unrivaled replica!

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  • Made in Europe


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