Cheese Cling Wrap Roll 200m x 450mm


Wrap your cheese nice and tight with the Cheese Cling Wrap Roll 200m x 450mm. This user-friendly PVC cling wrap was developed especially for cheese: it clings well, is rip-resistant and perfect for reuse, saving you trouble, time and money. 

Cling film for cheese
Cheese stays fresh longer when stored in this convenient cling wrap after being sliced. The cheese cling film has been specially designed to cling extra tight to cheeses, such as Dutch cheeses, and is equally easy to take off.

Reusable cling wrap
This user-friendly cling wrap is slightly thicker than normal cling wrap, which means that it is more rip-resistant and is easier to reuse. It's perfect if you need to cut off a piece of cheese: just cover up the rest in the cling wrap, and it won't dry out.

Cling film holder available
This roll provides 200 meter of cling film. You can store the cheese cling film in the Boska cling film holder (422002) for easy tearing on the serrated edge, helping you to work more quickly and efficiently.

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