Cheese Cutter Emmentaler Plastic


The Cheese Cutter Emmentaler Plastic is a cheese cutter which is used for cutting Emmentaler cheese or other large cheeses, such as Gruyère or Appenzeller. The plateau on which you cut the cheese can be rotated 360 degrees. This enables you to cut the semi-hard cheeses into the desired pieces without needing to lift the cheese for every cut. This superstar can cut cheeses with diameters up to 90 cm!


You can cut big cheeses down to size with ease thanks to the large knife. The Cheese Cutter Emmentaler Plastic is a must have for every cheese specialist who works with large cheeses. The knife can be anchored, which keeps it from falling out of the air unexpectedly. The Emmentaler Cutter also comes with a protective sleeve for the knife. Safety above all else! The Emmentaler Cutter is also available in wood (600100). Choose the wooden design if you primarily want to use the cheese cutter as a part of your in-store display.

Simple to use
The Cheese Cutter Emmentaler Plastic is easy to clean. The HMPE plastic plateau and stainless steel base are wonderful to use. These materials allow you to work in a very hygienic way. The high quality, 550 mm long knife will last you for a long time. The table is 550 mm high. Do you often cut large cheeses? Then the Emmental Cutter will be happy to help!

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Semi-hard cheese