Cheese Cutter Unika W300


The Cheese Cutter Unika is the perfect cutting machine for the professional cheese world. You can cut the most beautiful slices of (semi-)hard and larger cheeses with this popular cheese cutter. You can even cut wedge-shaped slices. You'll preserve the structure of the cheese due to the chopping motion that you make with this machine, as opposed to a rotating motion with other devices or knives. This will also preserve the optimal flavor of the cheese.



Heating element
The cheese cutter contains a heating element. A small heater keeps the surface of the cheese just a little “fluid". This keeps the cheese from sticking to the knife. With aged cheeses, it even keeps the cheese from breaking as easily. Of course, you can also just the cheese cutter when it's cold. With intense use, however, you will feel the difference. When you want to cut the cheese, first lift the handle, then slide the cheese under the blade, and calmly pull the handle back toward you. You'll be left with a perfect slice. With this classic cutting machine, you'll be working safely and responsibly.

Thickness of the slices

You can easily adjust the thickness of the slices by twisting the knobs on the side of the machine. You can vary the thickness between 1 to 5 mm. It is possible to set it to extra thick slices of 8 to 10 mm (for example, for Raclette) on request. It's also possible to cut wedge-shaped slices. For example, set the knob closest to you to setting 2 and the knob farthest from you on setting 1.      

Soling knife
The Soling knife is powerful and durable. This piece of German craftsmanship will last you for many years. The cutting plateau is made of plastic (HMPE). This material is better for the durability of your knife, and it's easy to clean. The cheese cutter comes in a box with a corresponding information booklet, a transformer, and an Allen wrench. Minimize your cutting waste and maximize your happiness with this Boska superstar!



The Cheese Cutter Unika's dimensions are 510 x 375 x 180 mm. You can choose for a cutting length of 250 mm or 300 mm. You also have a few options for the handle. Do you want a ball knob or a straight handle? It's up to you. We'd love to help!



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Type of cheese
Semi-hard and hard cheese