Cheese Replica Edammer Red


Is it real...? Or not? This Boska cheese replica will plant a seed of doubt in your mind. That's the trick of the Cheese Replica Edammer, red. By using this fantastic replica in your presentation, you'll get your customers in the mood for cheese. You'll draw more attention to the Edammer. This will stimulate sales!

Cheese Replica Edammer, red
The original cheese comes packed in red paraffin.  Hence, this replica has a unique red tint. Take care not to accidentally cut out a piece. Creating a beautiful in-store presentation is a piece of cake with this lookalike. After all, it's all about the in-store experience!

Say cheese
This Boska cheese replica is easy to clean and pretty much indestructible. The replica is lightweight and a simple one-time purchase. It'll make a big difference. Say cheese to your new cheese replica!

Note: this cheese replica is sold in batches of 25 pieces! 

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  • Made in Europe


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