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Boska cheese replicas are indistinguishable from the real thing. That includes this lifelike replica of Dutch Farm Cheese. In Holland, this pure, artisan cheese is mostly made by hand from raw, unpasteurized milk. You can draw more attention to the cheese thanks to this replica. Will you add it to your in-store presentation?

Beautiful in-store presentation
The Dutch Farm Cheese replica is a worthy addition to your assortment. By using replicas in your presentation, you'll get your customers in the mood for cheese. When your store looks charming and pleasant, customers will enter on their own, without the need for extra incentives. That’s the way it should be!

Promote cheese brands
You can easily promote your favorite cheese brands with the Boska Holland® cheese replicas. Which cheeses do you like or have you discovered recently? You can draw extra attention to them with these lifelike replicas from Boska. There’s a big probability that you’ll sell more of them as a result! Customers appreciate it when you show them what your favorite kinds of cheese are.

Note: this cheese replica is sold in batches of 25 pieces. 

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