Cheese Replica Grana Padano piece 1/32


This lifelike Boska Holland® cheese replica is indistinguishable from the real thing! This Grana Padano replica comes in a 1/32 wedge. You could easily be tricked into taking a bite out of it! Spark new ideas in the minds of your customers by using this replica in a stylish and striking presentation. It's a smart stimulation that will get you more sales.

The Grana Padano, with this 1/32 wedge, is a fun addition to your in-store presentation. Place the replica in the spotlight in your cheese counter. That's how you can show ‘em what you've got. Customers will become tempted to buy multiple cheeses. The little details make all the difference! 

Extra revenue
This cheese replica is a simple one-time purchase that will benefit you for years to come. You can clean this Boska cheese replica in a flash. The replica is lightweight and pretty much indestructible. Spice it up and draw even more attention to your favorite cheeses with this replica. Extra flashy presentations lead to extra revenue!

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  • Made in Europe


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