Cheese Replica Raclette


The Cheese Replica Raclette is indistinguishable from the real thing. It's a lifelike replica that carries the recognizable label. This replica is essential for your in-store presentation. Place the replica in a simple and striking presentation in your store. Your customers will instantly be in the mood for Raclette. It's a smart stimulation that will get you more sales!

Professional back wall
Present the replicas on a stylishly decorated back wall. It's a simple and clear way to present your favorite cheeses. It's also easy to create a full and professional cheese counter. Get your customers in the mood for cheese!

Extra revenue
You can clean this Cheese Replica Raclette in no time. The replica is pretty much indestructible and lightweight. Spice it up and go wild. Draw even more attention to your favorite cheeses with this replica. Extra flashy presentations lead to extra revenue!
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  • Made in Europe


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