Cracking Knife 160 mm


This tough cookie within Boska Holland®'s professional assortment is just a tad longer than its little brother of 140 mm. The 160 mm Cracking Knife sets itself apart with its chisel-shaped and flat-tipped blade. From now on, splitting open a whole cheese or breaking off chunks of hard cheeses will be a piece of cake!

Good tools make all the difference
This Cracking Knife is made of solid steel and has a robust handle. The blade is extremely powerful, which means you'll pierce and split hard cheeses in a flash. Good tools make all the difference! 

Your favorite Cracking Knife
The sturdy plastic handle and stainless steel blade make this a versatile knife that will remain your favorite for many years to come. The knife can go in the dishwasher, but we'd advise otherwise. Washing it by hand preserves the quality of the knife.

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  • Made in Europe


Article number
Type of cheese
Very hard cheese
Product weight
160 gram
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