Cutting Board Plastic Black/White 450x330x20 mm


This black/white plastic cutting board is perfect to use in professional kitchens, cheese departments, and cheese specialty stores. You can cut the most beautiful products on it for many years to come thanks to its ideal size and durability. You can keep the board from slipping and sliding with the non-slip mat, sold separately. You won't have any more accidents!

Durable cutting board
This cutting board is made of extremely durable materials. The plastic (HMPE 500) is extremely dense, which makes the board very hygienic to work with. That's a relief! Your knives also won't be damaged on this practical cheese board. The cutting board is perfect for cutting various cheeses, but it's also great for cutting pizza or presenting cheeses.

Resistant to moisture and dirt
The material is odor-free and tasteless. It does not absorb any moisture, and it repels dirt. You don't have to wash the cheese board by hand. The dishwasher can do the washing up for you. Then it'll be ready to go again in no time. Need a sturdier grip? Then add on the Boska Non-Slip Mat (702090). Let's get cutting!

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