Decorative Greenery Buxaceae Garland set of 12 pieces


A refreshing in-store presentation is easily within reach with Boska Holland®’s decorative greenery. The Buxaceae Garlands, in a set of 12 pieces, have a nice green color. Green complements the color of your cheese and makes it pop. That’s how you can create a professional, stylish arrangement and give your sales an extra boost! 

Let your cheese stand out

Give your cheeses the attention they deserve. You'll be oozing professionalism with these green decorations. These accessories will strengthen the products that you're selling. Let your cheeses stand out and sell even more of them!

A perfect couple
You can put the finishing touches on your presentation with a mix of cheese replicas and the Buxaceae Garland. Replicas won't spoil. They don't put out any odors or flavors. Replicas are also lightweight and easy to clean. Can you picture your ideal in-store presentation? Get going with Boska's natural-looking green decorations! 

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  • Made in Europe


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234 gram