Fixation Barrier 55


The Fixation Barrier 55 is the little brother to the Fixation Barrier 95. You can easily adjust the Fixation Barrier to suit your wishes. You can create your desired counter arrangement in a flash. Your customer will be able to see all of your various products at first glance. Invite them to come and buy a delicious piece of cheese!  

Create a new arrangement quickly
Every situation is different, which is why the arrangement of your presentation will change as well. These barriers are transparent. They will ensure that your products are visible from all angles.  

Keep your products cool and segmented
You can use the Boska Holland® Fixation Barrier to segment the products in your cold counter. This small product is a pretty big deal. The Fixation Barrier is lightweight and easy to clean. Just buy it once, and you’ll be benefiting from it for many years to come!

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  • Made in Europe


Article number
Product weight
58 gram