General Purpose Knife Black Handle 140 mm


The Boska Holland® General Purpose Knife is a unique cheese knife that can take on your entire list of chores. It's the jack of all trades within our assortment. The practical design means that you've got a cheese knife that's always there to lend a helping hand, that can take on all those little chores, and that can produce a beautiful result.  

Conquer the soft cheeses
Not even the softest cheeses will stick to this knife thanks to the three holes in the blade. The serrated edge is extra sharp, which means that you can even cut through the packaging of the cheese with ease. Put the finishing touch on your cheese board. With the General Purpose Knife, you can also cut through tomatoes and cucumbers. Though it be but little, it is fierce. Simply use the forked tip to pick up and serve the cheese.

The one and only General Purpose Knife for specialists in cheese
This Boska General Purpose Knife is part of the professional line of cheese knives. The knife was designed to fulfill all of the wishes of cheese specialists. It offers professional knife work for the true cheese expert.

A cheese knife that's small, but shouldn't be overlooked
This small cheese knife is dishwasher safe. No problem! Washing it by hand is better, however, as that preserves the quality of the knife. It may be small, but this Boska warrior is a pretty big deal around here!

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Article number
Type of cheese
All types of cheese
Product weight
49 gram
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