Hand Grater Amsterdam


Want to garnish your favorite bites and dishes with freshly grated cheese? Choose this fantastic Hand Grater Amsterdam. The stainless steel blade has been photo-etched. That makes the blade super sharp. With this handy companion, grating cheese is a piece of cake!

Ergonomic hand grater
Thanks to the ergonomic handle with its SoftGrip+ coating, the grater feels great in the hand. The grater is suitable for hard to extra hard cheese. With its well-thought-out design, you only need to place the bottom of the grater on your cutting board or table, simply run your cheese across it, and you’re done!

Dishwasher safe
The cheese grater has a soft coating on the bottom, which allows you to position the grater on a table, plate, or board while grating without it slipping and sliding out of place. Even when you exert a lot of pressure, the grater will stand firm, and it won’t damage the surface below. Want to clean the grater? No problem. Simply put it in the dishwasher and it’s ready for the next use. The grater comes with a 10 year guarantee. Give it as a gift to your family or friends!

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Article number
Type of cheese
Semi-hard to very hard cheese
10 years
Product dimensions
265x67x24 mm
Product weight
90 gram
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