Hard Cheese Hatchet Monaco


Use the Hard Cheese Hatchet Monaco on semi-hard and hard cheeses. The hatchet is made out of one piece of stainless steel. This makes the cheese hatchet food safe, powerful, and stylish. You’ll cut through your favorite cheeses with ease thanks to its stable and sturdy steering. Time to call your guests to the table!

Easy to use
The cheese hatchet is functional and easy to use. This hatchet can even conquer harder cheeses in a flash. Don’t forget to show off this magnificent hatchet to your guests – it will definitely catch their eyes.

Top quality cheese hatchet
This robust cheese hatchet comes with a 10 year guarantee. The cheese hatchet’s design doesn’t contain any wooden elements, which means you can leave the washing up to the dishwasher. This is a true eyecatcher, thanks to its sleek design. Consider who among your family and friends you could bestow this powerful cheese hatchet upon!

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€ 12,99

€ 6,50



Article number
Type of cheese
Semi-hard and hard cheese
10 years
Product dimensions
207x43x12 mm
Product weight
71 gram
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