Harmonica Bag 140 set of 100 pieces


These specially made Harmonica Bags are perfect for vacuum packing your cheeses. When you line up the seams of the bags and place it in the vacuum packer that way, your cheese will be sealed extremely tightly. That will keep the cheese fresh for even longer, and your customers will appreciate the show. The vacuum packer together with the Harmonica Bags are a match made in heaven!

Different sizes

The Harmonica Bag comes in four different sizes. Aside from the 140 mm bag, suitable for about 1 kilogram of cheese, there are also 120 mm (+/- 1 pound), 190 mm (+/- 2.5 kg), and 260 mm (+/- 8 kg) bags. The bags come in sets of 100 pieces. That means you're good to go for super sealing your cheeses and keeping them nice and fresh!

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  • Made in Europe


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1,5 kg