Horizontal Brie Cutter


The name says it all. This cutter was specially designed to cut Brie and other soft cheeses without rinds horizontally. With this great device, you can cut soft cheeses in half horizontally. You can then fill the Brie with, for example, honey, fresh herbs, or truffles.

Adjustable cutting wire height
The plateau is made of plastic. It's easy to use and easy to clean. There are non-slip feet on the bottom of the plateau. This keeps the Cheese Cutter Brie Horizontal from sliding while you're cutting. The cutting wire can be set to several different heights, which makes the machine suitable for various cheeses of different sizes. The Cheese Cutter Brie Horizontal's dimensions are 760 x 410 x 310 mm.

Cutting wires
Order our super strong 6mm cutting wires (510050), specially designed for this cheese cutter, or the 8mm cutting wires (510047). The cutting wires come in sets of 10 pieces. Keep on cutting the most beautiful pieces of Brie with ease!

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Article number
Type of cheese
Soft cheese
Product weight
11,2 kg
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