Horizontal Cheese Cutter Scandinavia


The Scandinavia is a time-saving wire cutter for easily cutting (semi-)hard cheeses with hard rinds horizontally, leaving a perfect result. Afterwards, you'll be able to cut simple boat wedges in a flash. By cutting a whole wheel of cheese horizontally, the pieces of cheese will look wider than people would expect for a cheese of that weight. This makes buying a piece more attractive to many customers.

Adjustable height

The scoring knife is mounted on the cheese cutter. Place the cheese on the plateau, which can be adjusted by 1 cm increments. When the scoring knife hits the middle of the wheel, rotate the cheese. That way, the scoring knife makes a simple but complete notch around the entirety of the cheese. If you make a really good notch, then you could even cut a whole wheel of Parmesan. Next, simply place the cutting wire into the notch. By turning the handle clockwise, you'll go through hard cheeses with ease.

Cutting wires

Order our super strong Cutting Wires (75010), specially designed for this cutter. The cutting wires are 8 mm thick and come in sets of 10 pieces. Keep on cutting hard wheels of cheese horizontally with ease! The base is also sold separately (510055), to keep your workspace flexible. The Scandinavia's dimensions are 500 x 500 x 180 mm.

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Article number
Type of cheese
Semi-hard to hard cheese
Product weight
12,7 kg
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