Pasta Lovers Set


Break up, grate and store delicious Parmesan cheeses with the Pasta Lovers Set. This complete set is the result of a collaboration with Parmigiano Reggiano and contains a useful grater, a Parmesan knife and a cheese holder. You’ll find that these tools are the perfect finishing touch to any tasty Italian dinner!

For the real connoisseur           
Freshly-grated cheese is far tastier than pre-packaged cheese. So, why ruin a great pasta, pizza or other Italian dish with pre-packaged, grated cheese? You'll achieve a far better result if you break up a delicious piece of Parmesan cheese into small pieces and grate it finely yourself. You're guaranteed a true taste sensation if you do!

User-friendly tools
The Parmesan Knife is very sharp, which means that it’s incredibly easy to cut any type of hard cheese. The cheese grater is perfect for both left and right-handed use. Its handy grating mechanism makes it easy to grate pieces of cheese to the size required and it's safe too. The cheese holder, which features a typical Parmigiano Reggiano design, ensures that your freshly-grated cheese retains its wonderful flavor longer.

This stylish and handy set is easy to clean. The knife and grater are made entirely from stainless steel and the pot is ceramic. This makes these kitchen tools dishwasher-safe, so they're clean and ready for use again in no time at all. Which pasta will you prepare to surprise and delight your family and friends with? Bon appétit! 

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  • 10 year 

  • Dishwasher 

  • Refrigerator 


Article number
Silver & Yellow
Type of cheese
For semi-hard to very hard cheese
190 x 105 x 80 mm
10 years
0,97 kg
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