Semi-Hard Cheese Knife Blue Handle 210 mm


The Semi-Hard Cheese Knife Blue was made to cut through blue cheeses with ease. You can also use the knife to cut larger cheeses, such as Raclette. The semi-high, narrow blade keeps the cheese from sticking to the knife. A true expert can't do without the Boska Holland® Semi-Hard Cheese Knife. 

Boska's glory
The HACCP laws in the food industry are very strict. Every type of cheese should be cut with its own knife. Therefore, the blue color here wasn't chosen on a whim. There's a perfect solution for every type of cheese. Use red for washed rind cheeses, blue for blue cheeses, and white for bloomy rind cheeses.

Smart, hygienic, and practical
True cheese specialists can keep a clean and organized bench with these specific colors. It's simple, hygienic, and practical. The knives can go straight in the dishwasher. However, it's better to wash them by hand in order to preserve the quality of the knives.

Available in the following versions: red for washed rind cheeses, white for bloomy rind cheeses, and blue for blue cheeses.

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  • Made in Europe


Article number
Type of cheese
Soft and semi-hard cheese
Product weight
148 gram
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