Semi Soft Cheese Knife Mini Geneva


You can tackle soft and semi-hard cheeses with ease with the Semi Soft Cheese Knife Mini Geneva. The Swiss cheese holes in the blade prevent cheese from sticking to this small knife with its beech wood handle. That makes cutting cheese a whole lot easier. The stainless steel blade has a forked tip, which allows you to pick up and serve pieces of cheese. Dig in!

Swiss cheese knife
The blade is made of stainless steel. The holes in the blade are reminiscent of Swiss cheese. They prevent the cheese from sticking. The handle is made of rustic beech wood. Done cutting? Wash it off by hand. That way, the knife will last you for years! Not for nothing, but this cheese knife comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Cheese Set Geneva
Want more Geneva to add to your collection? The complete Geneva line may be small, but it shouldn't be overlooked. Take, for example, the Cheese Knife Set Geneva. It consists of a Cheese Slicer Mini, Presentation Knife Mini, Cheese Knife Cheesy Mini, and a General Purpose Knife Mini. Add the complete line to your collection, and you'll be set for all your cheesy needs in the years to come.

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Article number
Type of cheese
Soft and semi-hard cheese
Beech wood
10 years
Product dimensions
154x22x10 mm
Product weight
15 gram
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