Soft Cheese Knife Black Handle 140 mm


It may be small, but it's a pretty big deal around here! This 140 mm soft cheese knife was specially designed for softer cheeses. For example, it's perfect for cutting Brie. The narrow blade lets you glide smoothly through the cheese, without any cheesy remains sticking to the knife. This smaller Boska Holland® cheese knife from our professional assortment is great and handy.

Lightweight among professional cheese knives
With this 140 mm soft cheese knife, you've got a worthy addition to your set of knives. This is the lightweight among professional cheese knives, to which cheesy remains wouldn't dare to stick. It's wonderful to work with this classic cheese knife due to the highly placed handle. Your hand is not only free of the cheese, but also free of the cutting board.

Say cheese
You can place the knife in the dishwasher, but it's always better to wash it by hand. That will preserve the quality of the knife and enable you to hang onto it for much longer. Say cheese to this handy superstar for soft cheeses!

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Article number
Type of cheese
Soft cheese
Product weight
84 gram
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