Soft Cheese Knife Blue Handle XL 210 mm


You can cut through blue cheeses with ease with the Soft Cheese Knife Blue XL. You only need to make one movement to cut through the cheese with this extra long blade. The cheese won't stick to the knife due to its narrow blade. 

One movement, one straight cut
The soft cheese knife is a lightweight among professional cheese knives. The pleasant handle is placed slightly higher on the blade, so that your hand is free of your cutting board while you're cutting. The blade is powerful, which means that you can create a perfect, straight cut with just one movement. The well-thought-out color system was specially designed for you. Use red for washed rind cheeses, blue for blue cheeses, and white for bloomy rind cheeses.

For the cheese specialist
This cheese knife is dishwasher safe. However, it's better to wash it by hand in order to preserve its quality. The color coded soft cheese knives are essential tools for every cheese specialist! 

Available in the following versions: red for washed rind cheeses, white for bloomy rind cheeses, and blue for blue cheeses. 

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  • Not dishwasher 

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Article number
Type of cheese
Soft cheese
Product weight
100 gram
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