The Gouda block cheese-dummy


The Boska Holland® cheese dummies: they're just like the real thing, as you'll see from this replica of the Gouda block. They're the ideal way to add even more atmosphere and charm to your store presentation. Just make sure that you don't accidentally decide to taste one!

Displaying cheese dummies
These cheese dummies enable you to achieve a great display and reduce the amount of cheese you need to have in stock. Because it's a block cheese, you'll create even more awareness. Are you starting to fancy a bit of cheese? You're already on your way to improving your cheese sales!

Years ahead of their time
Boska's cheese dummies are a perfect way of promoting various cheese brands. Make sure that your customers know which cheeses you have to offer! Armed with Boska cheese dummies, you're set to create the most attractive and creative presentation ever, now and in the future. Presentation really is important!

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