Trio Formaggio XL


Grating cheese is super fun with our Trio Formaggio XL. This robust grater is ready to help you grate cheese whenever you need it. You can also use it to grate carrots, chocolate, or cucumbers with ease!

Trendy grater
Grate the cheese exactly the way you want it: coarse, fine, or powdered. The silver color makes the grater a cool accessory for the dining table. Just used the grater? It’s dishwasher safe, so you won’t need to wash it by hand.

Cheese, the way it should be
The Trio Formaggio XL lets you freshly grate cheese right at the dining table. Freshly grated cheese tastes even better than pre-packaged cheese. This is because when you grate cheese, right at that moment, it becomes oxygenated. That makes the flavor of the cheese even more intense. It’s delicious on your pasta, pizza, or in soup!

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Article number
Type of cheese
Semi-hard to very hard cheese
10 years
Product dimensions
240x125x62 mm
Product weight
210 gram
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