Fruits de mer appetizer platter

Fruits de mer appetizer platter

A surprising and tasteful appetizer platter with a fish theme that's sure to impress.


What and how much you serve is entirely up to you. The best place to start is with the types of foods you and your guests like to eat. We used the following ingredients:

  • Langoustines
  • Dutch shrimp
  • Smoked trout (whole fish)
  • Smoked mackerel fillet
  • Smoked mackerel salad
  • Lemon mayonnaise
  • Yellow cherry tomatoes
  • Radicchio
  • Glasswort
  • Cucumber
  • Watermelon radish,Blue skin radish
  • Sourdough bread, Baguette
  1. Prepare the Langoustines according to the packaging or the recommendations of the fish dealer, such as grilling them on the barbecue. Arrange them on an attractive serving platter, such as the Serving Board Round Friends XL.
  2. Place the Dutch shrimp on a bed of radicchio on the board.
  3. Use a cheese slicer to slice the cucumber and radishes. Roll up the cucumber slices. Arrange them on the board along with the yellow cherry tomatoes and glasswort.
  4. Put the smoked mackerel salad (see recipe) and lemon mayonnaise in two bowls. Place them together with two spreading knives, such as the Monaco+ spreading knives, on the wooden platter.
  5. Slice the smoked trout, smoked mackerel and bread into bite-size pieces. Arrange these together with the unsliced pieces on the board, so that your guests can cut their own pieces with a serrated utility knife or bread knife.

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