BOSKA makes impact

BOSKA Food Tools makes Food Tools for life and believes that quality goes hand in hand with sustainability. This is achieved first and foremost by designing products with a timeless design that last a lifetime, though also through our partnership with Justdiggit, an organization that fights global warming by regreening Africa.

Proud to be a B Corp

BOSKA has been a certified B Corp™ company since December 2022. This certification shows that BOSKA prioritizes people, the environment and society. Together we aim to have a positive impact on the world around us. B Corp™ is one of the most respected - and most difficult to obtain - certifications with respect to sustainability (and much more). It means that we've achieved the highest possible standard in social and sustainability performance. And that we are transparent about this and take our responsibility seriously.

Becoming a B Corp™ is just the beginning because, as a company, we work hard every day to help make positive, lasting changes. Each and every day, we endeavor to improve ourselves, which is why this philosophy is reflected in everything we do, from our employment policy to the initiatives we join that contribute to a sustainable society.

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Impact Report 2023

Browse through our Impact Report (see below) for insight into our ambitions, initiatives and goals.

Reducing our environmental impact

At BOSKA, we always aspire to carry out environmentally friendly improvements that help make the future a more sustainable one. We believe that "Quality is Sustainability" and prioritize this mission: a continuous journey that never ends.This applies to not only our own products and employees, but also the people and world around us. We continue to work hard as we progress in this important journey in which we create quality products in line with a continual pursuit of sustainable improvements.

Quality = sustainability

Our collection consists of products that are primarily made of natural raw materials like stone, steel and wood. Unfortunately, not all of these resources are sustainable. So, we make the most of our natural resources by creating products that last a lifetime. BOSKA Food Tools are designed to be smart and tough tools that maintain their beauty and quality throughout their lifespan. We promise quality and make every effort to offer a lifelong guarantee. We also want to have a positive impact by making products affordable to as many people as possible that deserve a place in every home.

BOSKA's mission explained

A sustainable design, from material to packaging

The goal of every step we take is to attain sustainable solutions, including our packaging and delivery methods. We make deliberate choices in selecting raw and other materials that we use. We consider ways to optimize functionality, while reducing waste as much as possible in order to minimize the impact on the environment.

Supporting and developing initiatives that contribute to sustainable societies worldwide

At BOSKA, we believe that we have not only been put on this planet for commercial purposes, but also for the greater well-being and welfare of our planet and its inhabitants. That is why we support organizations we sincerely believe can have a positive impact on the world, such as Justdiggit, Bake for Life and local sports-related initiatives.

Together with Justdiggit we bring back nature in dry areas in Africa

Justdiggit works to regreen desertified land on a large scale. They do not do this by planting trees, but by digging holes that collect rainwater, so that nature can heal itself. This has a positive impact on the climate, nature and people.

At BOSKA, we want to do our part to help make the world a greener and cooler place. Our contributions to Justdiggit ensure that 2,000 tons of CO² can be retained in regreened areas in Singida in Tanzania. This is equivalent to our annual CO² emissions. In addition, our contribution also enables Justdiggit to regreen 1,300,000 m² of dry land, restore 5,300 trees, retain 27 million liters of water and positively impact the living conditions of 560 people. Not surprisingly, we are proud of our partnership with Justdiggit. Together we promote healthy nature and make the world a greener place.

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Making a positive contribution to a sustainable world with the Bake for Life Foundation

When you buy BOSKA Toastabags®, you immediately contribute positively to a sustainable world and support the Bake for Life Foundation, an organization that builds bakeries in the African countries of Uganda and Kenya. This initiative teaches baking skills to the disabled, orphans, child soldiers, single mothers and those who had to drop out of school at an early age as a result of circumstances, allowing them to earn a livelihood.

Contributing to a more inclusive society together with Ferm Werk

BOSKA has been working together with Ferm Werk since 2008.Together we offer job opportunities to those with poor job prospects for a number of reasons. These may be people with a functional disability or who are simply interested in re-entering the workforce. They assemble various products for BOSKA and make sure they are packaged properly.

A healthy lifestyle promotes better health

Those who exercise and are physically active lay a solid foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle. This is why BOSKA sponsors the local soccer club in Bodegraven. All of our office and warehouse staff in Bodegraven also have the opportunity to take part in a weekly workout sponsored by BOSKA.