If you’re looking for a fondue set, why not introduce this Swiss tradition into your home today? They're great fun at (drinks) parties. Enjoy an evening of delicious food with a group of friends or family. Our fondue sets are flameproof, multifunctional and come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. They're perfect for keeping melted cheese and chocolate, sauces and satay warm. Besides complete sets, you can also order individual accessories like pots, bases, burners and forks.

Tapas fondue
If you want to prepare small servings of cheese or chocolate fondue for your guests, our tapas fondues are the ideal choice for you. Whether as part of a romantic evening, an enjoyable drinks party or a tasteful end to a delicious dinner or fun party. Whatever the occasion, our tapas fondues make it just that little bit more special. If it's barbecue weather outside, use a tapas fondue to keep sauces like satay and mushroom sauce warm. Armed with a number of these sets, you'll find that you are able to present your guests with a number of different options in no time at all.

Red Dot Design Award winners
Our fondue sets are not just great quality, they're very stylish too. That's something that hasn't gone unnoticed. You will find real Red Dot Design Award winners in our range. This award can best be described as the Oscar of design prizes and is awarded by an expert, international jury of designers, professors and journalists. Just three examples: the Party Fondue Mr. Big (which is the ideal basis for a fondue party for up to 12 people), the tasteful Twinkle fondue set and the Copper fondue set (a set with a copper twist).

Chocolate fondue
All of our fondue sets are multifunctional and can be used with both melted cheese and chocolate, amongst other things. What better way to end a delicious dinner than with a delicious chocolate fondue? It's definitely a dream come true for anyone with a real sweet tooth and delicious in combination with fruit, marshmallows, little biscuits or nuts.
A tip from Boska: cut up some strawberries, bananas and pineapple or select your favorite fruit. All types of fruit are even more delicious served with a chocolate dip from one of our chocolate fondues. Create a true taste sensation and watch your guests enjoy!

A great gift
Are you looking for an original gift? Why not give friends or family a fondue set? Our top-quality fondue sets last years and are always presented in a handy gift box.