Royal Warrant of Appointment as crowning glory

Royal Warrant of Appointment as crowning glory

Bodegraven, February 1, 2022 - “The Royal Warrant of Appointment is the crowning glory of our work!” claims Martijn Bos, fourth generation owner BOSKA Food Tools. For 125 years, this family business from Bodegraven – famous for its cheese slicers, curlers and fondue sets – has been making food tools. On Tuesday, February 1, Bos was presented with the Purveyor to the Royal Household coat of arms by the King’s commissioner in Zuid-Holland (Jaap Smit) and Deputy Mayor of Bodegraven (Erik van Hejningen). This coat of arms represents the Royal Warrant of Appointment officially issued to Bos Kaasgereedschappen B.V., the trade name of BOSKA Food Tools. A genuine collector’s item has been reserved for the royal couple, who will soon be receiving a unique black cheese slicer with a crown of 48 Swarovski crystals, making it possible to supply the “Royal Household” directly.

“I am tremendously proud to have had the opportunity to bolster the foundation laid by my father, grandfather and great grandfather,” says Martijn Bos. “After being the biggest in cheese tools for 125 years, BOSKA Food Tools will now be the best in food tools in the Netherlands and far beyond. That is why we continuously focus on development and innovation. For example, we also make tools for pizza, chocolate, meat and vegetarian products. Over the next year, the product range will be expanded further with the introduction of a collection of high-quality kitchen knives that are the result of years of hard effort.”

Quality is sustainability
BOSKA Food Tools makes “Food Tools for Life” and promises that quality and sustainability go hand in hand. This is achieved not only by developing products with a timeless design that last a lifetime, but also, for example, by partnering up with Justdiggit, an organization devoted to regreening Africa and cooling down the planet, and by becoming a B Corp. This certification enables BOSKA Food Tools to show that it not only focuses on financial value, but also values people, planet and public interest.

Royal Warrant of Appointment
His Majesty the King has decided to award Bos Kaasgereedschappen B.V. of Bodegraven, better known as BOSKA Food Tools, with the Right to Bear the Royal Coat of Arms by means of the “Purveyor to the Royal Household” designation. The Royal Warrant of Appointment is an honorary title awarded by the King to small and medium-sized businesses that play a very important role in the region. The company must be at least 100 years old and both the board of directors and company must have demonstrated irreproachable conduct for all those years. The history of the company’s origin must also be clear.

125 years of quality
BOSKA Food Tools was established in 1896 when the smith Willem Bos make his first cheese tool for local farmers. The family company developed further under Jan Willem Bos (second generation), followed by Joop Bos (third generation), into a company with a wide range of cheese tools. In 2002, Martijn Bos took the helm and further expanded the range with Food Tools (consumer products). The company’s products are now sold in 108 countries and the company has offices in China and the United States. The main office is still located in Bodegraven, where more cheese is stored than anywhere else in the world. Last December, in promotion of the anniversary year, the first BOSKA Food Tools TV commercial was launched. Here’s to another 125 years!